Downloading music illegally

Illegal downloading is a big problem in today’s society. Why buy a CD or a DVD when you can download a song or movie for free online. According to cns news, illegally downloaded music makes up for 95% of all music downloaded worldwide. (Arnold, 2010) I do think illegal down loading is a victimless crime. Artist and actors all make enough in other ways, such as endorsements, that they should give back to their fans in some way.


Illegal downloading is different from stealing. If a song or a movie is put online, for all to hear or see, than everyone should have the right to download it. Artists make songs for us to hear, therefore, it is only right for us to be able to download it. Since a high majority of individuals download music illegally without getting caught, people should stop wasting their time and money on finding who these people are and spend their money on stopping crime that is worse than downloading music. Only 1 out of every 30,000 people who download music illegally actually gets caught. (Mokey, 2009)


Mokey, N. (2009, October 23). Music, movie and software piracy: What’s your chance of getting caught? read more. Retrieved from


Arnold, C. (2010, January 21). Illegal music downloads account for 95 percent of all music downloaded worldwide. Retrieved from


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