MOOC’s, Massive Open Online Courses are courses conducted online with open access to the web and allowed unlimited participation. They do work if you are motivated to learn what the topic is. It requires more work than the standard in class learning environment, but if you are interested enough, it will be easier than anything to learn. Also, can take your time with the work and not have stress of answering questions immediately like you do in class.


Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity, said he invented Udacity to try and democratize higher education. Udacity stands for “we are audacious, for you, the student”. (Thrun, 2011)Even though Sebastian thought this was going to change to education system in a positive way, recent times conclude that the success rate is very low within MOOC’s. Sebastian stated that MOOC’s are not effective for undergraduates after all. Professor Thrun said, “I’d aspired to give people a profound education–to teach them something substantial, but the data was at odds with this idea.” (Morrison, 2013)



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