Social Media vs. Traditional Media

Social media has become a big part of this generation. Slowly, social media cites, like Instagram and Twitter, are becoming more of a way of finding out current events in the world. Since people are so busy with their everyday lives it may be difficult for one to sit down and watch the news or read the newspaper. Social media apps are easier to find out information on considering while people are in travel all they do is click on the app and immediately can see other people posting about what is going on in the world.


Between Twitter and Instagram, Twitter is an easier way to discover world news. Instagram is more an app which people can upload pictures and short videos which is more for keeping memories instead of informing others on what is happening in the world.  With Twitter you can follow news accounts, such as CNN, MSNBC or FOX, and those accounts can post current events. The only downfall of using Twitter is one of your friends could provide you with false information. In that case watching he news first-hand would be more informative (even though the media alters information provided by not giving you the full story, therefore, making you feel a specific way).


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