How computers play a role in every field of study

I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Business Administration. I was originally going to major in Business Administration because my father pushed it onto me. I finally talked to him and told him I did not want to major in business and he allowed me to switch my major. I chose Communications because the science of communicating intrigues me. Even though I am only planning on getting my Bachelors in it and eventually going to school to be a Chiropractor after, I figured it would be good for the time being.


Computers play a role in every class. I had to take an IT class and we had to work with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel creating data sheets. Also, in a lot of my classes I need to do projects or presentations and to be on my A game I need to do research. That is where computers come in. Computers allow me to search the web and find thousands of different references a lot faster and easier than using a book or other piece of literature. 


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