Civic Duty

Being a citizen is about being apart of something great. You get to choose what type of citizen you are by where you choose to live. Every country has its own set of laws that are not similar to other countries. What other countries think of you is based on your actions. Citizens of different countries act different than one another based on how they are raised and based off governing laws. What may seem right to a citizen of one country may seem totally disrespectful to citizen of another country.


Civic duty is more of a moral thing. Some people may find it a must to hold the door open for others when some may feel that what makes others more important than they are that he/she must hold the door open for them. Like the constitution states, no one really has to do anything. It doesn’t mean they wont get punished for it, but they have the ability to do as they please. I believe civic duty only exist in a portion on the words population who feel they must give back to others because they have been given so much in life.


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